Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Guilty Posting (again!)

The other day I started thinking that if I can't look after my blog what sort of mother will I be?

Don't panic I'm not with child but when I started these musings on all things seated-related, it was as if this blog was a new baby which needed nurturing and constant attention - these days I'm like one of those mother's who's kid is the last one at the school gates.

I do have a good reason for being so slack of late; I have a new job. Yes, that's right folks after 12 months of being in freelance wilderness, not knowing if I would be able to to afford to eat let alone buy the latest Established & Sons chair, I am in full time employment again.

I've rejoined the rat-race, become a commuter, chose to get out of my PJs before 12noon and I'm loving it.

Likewise, I'm rather smitten with these chairs from Very Good & Proper.

Called Canteen Utility, they are my new favourite pieces and I just adore them. I love their rawness and homage to old school chairs which has been effortlessly reinvented with the bright colours.

I promised myself something this time last year; that when I was in full-time employment I would treat myself to a new chair, a sort of "well done me" present to, erm, myself and you know what? I think it might just be one of these...