Monday, 28 September 2009

LDF: Part One

As I'm sure most design addicts are, I've been dedicating my Monday nights to Design For Life. It's the Philippe Starck-meets-Big Brother show that's setting out to find Britain's young design talent.

So far, I've been totally disappointed. Yes, I get to watch one of the grand masters of design share his thoughts, wit (who'd have thought he'd be so sweet?!) and experience but the "contestants" are dull, dull, dull.

Perhaps they're trying too hard to please but they range from being totally abstract (tra, Nebil - you dug your own grave last week) to the totally bloody obvious (the redhead one who's name totally escapes me because she is possibly one of the most boring people in the world) so I was starting to agree with Monsieur Starck's opinion that British design hadn't seen anything interesting since the launch of Habitat.

Well, all I can say, is that I hope he popped along to LDF last week, because I for one, was blown away by the abundance of talent on offer.

100% Design seemed to have ditched its desire to be a challenger for The Ideal Home Show and has gone back to its roots. Instead of endless salesmen trying to flog me bathrooms I neither wanted or could afford, I got to chat to designers about their designs.

I got to touch, I got to admire and stand in sheer awe at how in what must be one of the most challenging times for new and emerging designers (have I mentioned how much I despise this recession?!) they're upbeat and confident about their work.

Of course, there were lots of beautiful chairs on offer. In fact, I think the friends I walked around 100% Design with were bored to tears with me as I repeatedly sighed "I want, I want" by the end of the day, I'd become practically parrot-like.

And, boy did I want this beautiful Katakana chair from Dare Studio. It is absolutely a "me" chair. I love the elegant back and angular shape.

I'm on the lookout for a desk chair at the moment (a desk to go with it would be a good start I suppose) and this one is top of the list.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

The LDF Marathon

Wow, brilliant week all in all. I've been pounding the London streets in the name of design and have met, spoken to and seen so many exciting designers during London Design Festival that the blog posts are going to be coming thick and fast.

Just need to digest everything I've seen and heard so definitely come back soon and...

Watch this space...

Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Week Ahead

Wow, the week ahead is certainly going to be a busy one.

LDF is in full swing and the invitations for launches all over the capital not to mention a thousand requests to visit stands at 100% Design and TENT have been coming thick and fast.

I've been resting this week in preparation for one of my favourite past times: finding new designers.

During last year's LDF, I was on press week which meant I raced around Earl's Court like a total lunatic. With thoughts of mounting proofs in the back of my mind, I literally snatched press releases while throwing business cards at stands.

I didn't even make it to TENT and totally uncharacteristically left a Conran party early and didn't venture anywhere near Tom Dixon's launch do.

Oh, how different this year will be. I'm not on press, the deadlines have been met and backlog cleared and I'm free to enjoy.

The prospect of finding new chairs excites me beyond belief. Some people love shoes but as you know by now it's chairs that float my boat.

However, what's totally essential with all this running about and remembering who designs what and who you've promised to feature on your blog, is a comfy chair.

It's got to be stylish too of course, and this baby comes from one of my favourite design companies ever, Pinch.

Unfortunately, it's not in my living room (neither and also unfortunately is one of their gorgeous armoires - take a look at the website and you'll know what I mean)

It is of course on my wish list, yes that ever-growing list of beautifully crafted furniture which I fear will only be longer by this time next week...

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Catwalk Inspired

I wasn't going to blog today because I always think blogging with a hangover is a very bad idea.

You're leaving yourself wide open to spelling mistakes, getting designers' names wrong, uploading the wrong images etc etc.

But then, I logged onto Graham & Green for a little virtual shop to soothe my pounding head, high-heels damaged feet and slightly wobbly gait and found this new wonderful chair so I knew my rule about too many the night before and blogging had to go out the window.

I've talked before about how the fashion houses of Paris, Milan and London and even the high street massively influence interiors and this chair is a prime example.

I challenge you to find a shop without a studded bag, top or shoe at the moment, they're all the rage as are fashion editorial pages full of how to get the look complete with stud-inspired headlines.

So, hats off to Graham & Green for coming up with this studded, linen chair. I adore the classic shape and colour (olive green is one of favourites when it comes to interiors) and of course the studs. Not just because they're bang on trend but because they look rather cool.

Now, if you don't mind I'm off to curse those last few vodka and cokes and have an early night...