Monday, 13 July 2009

Guilty Posting

Do you know, I can't even bear to look at the last post I wrote because it was agggeeesss ago, which is not good.

After all, there's no one else to write this blog for me - no editorial staff of 10 (one day, one day...) to look after it for me - there's just me, myself and I and I feel terribly guilty about not having updated it since the middle of May...

...there, I've said it and it feels a bit like going to an AA meeting (by the way I do NOT know what happens at AA meetings) so "My name is Alexandra Toso and I haven't blogged for a long time" now on with the post...

Chairs haven't gone away of course since I last wrote, in fact I've discovered even more beautiful ones in my hiatus and this one comes from the discovery of a furniture design company new to me.

Benchmark (available at Furnish) is fast becoming a favourite of mine.

Simply because they make really stunning furniture, when frankly we live in a world where people think they can turn out any old tatt.

The Alvis chair has pretty cool design credentials given it came from the mind of the godfather of design Sir Terence Conran but that aside looks stunning too.

I love the clean lines, simple shape and above all I love the fact it can be upholstered in your own fabric. I think it would look pretty cool in velvet or perhaps a retro pattern.

I promise there won't be such a long space between postings not now I've got my mojo back...

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