Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Spotted: A Rather Cool Chair

My parents being the nurturing, caring and supportive peeps they are took me to Art in Action in Oxford at the weekend.

"There's some really cool chairs that would look good on your blog" they said and so off we set to be surrounded by creative people.

I've never been surrounded by so many creatives in my life, and despite my rather inappropriate choice of footwear (flip flops and the grounds of a house subjected to a torrential downpour the night before do not mix) it was a brilliant day.

Ceramics creators, textiles geniuses, jewellery designers, artists, sculptors were all displaying their wares. I have to say it made me feel rather humble. Let's just say, art has never been my strong subject - my creativity has always displayed itself in the form of words and definitely not painting or drawing.

As much as I loved walking around all the tents, it was the woodwork one that drew my attention as that's where I knew the chairs would be.

So, after trying not to fall over in the mud for the 50th time that day, I entered the tent and was not disappointed.

I rather resembled a tourist wandering around London as I snapped pics of some of the coolest chairs I'd ever seen.

Those pictures of course remain on my camera, not yet downloaded (oh give me a break, I've been busy working) but while they still wait, here's a sneak preview.

This is the Lobi Loi chair by Chair Creative. I love the raw, almost unfinished quality - which I'm told by someone in the know is a very hot trend for AW09, presumably to make us all feel really guilty for our desire for bling and glitz.

I urge you to check out Chair Creative's other designs, because you definitely won't see these on the high street.

By the way, my Dad printed the first ever Art in Action catalogue over, erm, lots of years ago. You could say print's in the blood...

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Tony & Linda said...

Thanks for the mention. A very well written piece.

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