Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Week Ahead

Wow, the week ahead is certainly going to be a busy one.

LDF is in full swing and the invitations for launches all over the capital not to mention a thousand requests to visit stands at 100% Design and TENT have been coming thick and fast.

I've been resting this week in preparation for one of my favourite past times: finding new designers.

During last year's LDF, I was on press week which meant I raced around Earl's Court like a total lunatic. With thoughts of mounting proofs in the back of my mind, I literally snatched press releases while throwing business cards at stands.

I didn't even make it to TENT and totally uncharacteristically left a Conran party early and didn't venture anywhere near Tom Dixon's launch do.

Oh, how different this year will be. I'm not on press, the deadlines have been met and backlog cleared and I'm free to enjoy.

The prospect of finding new chairs excites me beyond belief. Some people love shoes but as you know by now it's chairs that float my boat.

However, what's totally essential with all this running about and remembering who designs what and who you've promised to feature on your blog, is a comfy chair.

It's got to be stylish too of course, and this baby comes from one of my favourite design companies ever, Pinch.

Unfortunately, it's not in my living room (neither and also unfortunately is one of their gorgeous armoires - take a look at the website and you'll know what I mean)

It is of course on my wish list, yes that ever-growing list of beautifully crafted furniture which I fear will only be longer by this time next week...

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