Monday, 12 October 2009

Something Old, Something New

Some very dear friends of mine got married last week, which got me thinking that when I eventually tie the knot, I bet I'll be as concerned about the chairs used at the reception as much as the dress.

As I've said before, seating is extremely important to me - clearly otherwise I wouldn't be blogging about it and I love nothing more than a chair with a bit of history.

So after working my tiny little fingers to the bone today (sending a record number of emails) I thought I'd treat myself to some virtual shopping over at Retrouvius. It's a favourite of mine and not just because of their wonderful name but because they source some of the best retro furniture around.

These gorgeous bentwood chairs (am still yet to see this wonderful technique in action - hint, hint) are listed as being from the former Czechoslovakia and possibly Thonet.

I love their Modernist shape but what I really love is day dreaming about where they previously lived, who owned them, did their owners love them and how did they end up of the retro scrapheap before being lovingly rescued.

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