Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I Rest My Case

I try not to have favourite, favourite designers - it always seems a bit unfair to me, like having a favourite pet or worse , child.

However, I'm totally in love with everything Case do - from their beautiful, 50s inspired bed to this little beauty.

The Bridge armchair is designed by Matthew Hilton, one of the designers who produce the stunning collection on offer at Case.

Some people would find this chair a little bland, not that exciting, non-descript some might say, but not me.

I've decided over the course of writing this blog (it's been a year by the way) that I adore simplicity. It's why my flat is painted in various shades of white, why my furniture is sleek and has clean lines.

Some people also might say that simple is boring, it's not - as this chair proves it's classic, it's stylish and in a strange way, it's comforting.

I really, really want some of these chairs to replace my slightly knackered dining set - so in the absence of an endless pot of money or super rich parents, I'll be playing EuroMillions on Friday - well you never know, it could be me...

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