Monday, 15 December 2008

Lovely lace

On a recent trip to Lille, it became apparent that the French are as nuts about chairs as me. I should have known really, seeing though one of my favourite chair designers, Philippe Starck, hails from across The Channel.

So until I sort out uploading some of the chair pics I took (yes, I know other people take shots of architecture and scenery) here's a bit about one I spotted in a very chic interiors store in Vieux Lille (which is the old town to you and me)

This one is called Miss Lacy and is by Philippe Starck for Driade, it's not hard to see why it was given its name; as it looks just like a piece of moulded, metallic lace.

What I love about it, is much like the Roses chair I mentioned last month, it's laser cut and combines both the softness of lace and the hardness of steel.

I'm not sure Father Christmas will be able to get one of these down my chimney (not least because I live in a ground floor flat) but it's sure on my wish list...

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