Sunday, 12 April 2009

Poached, Fried, Boiled, Scrambled or Chocolate...

...none of those for me thank you.

I'd much rather be unwrapping a delicious new chair than a foil-covered chocolate treat.

It being Easter and all I thought I would share one of the most iconic chairs ever designed in the history of interiors. 

This is the Egg chair* (get the Easter connection now?) by Arne Jacobson, one of godfathers of modern design. 

I love this chair because it has a certain feel of power to it. The high back, comfortable seat, free flowing swivel (brilliant for those Dr Evil or James Bond baddie moments) 

But above all, I love it because its name, while being a little abstract, it so appropriate - sitting in this chair makes you feel coccooned and safe - a little like being inside an egg would I suppose. 

*This chair is from Go Modern 

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