Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Italian Throne

Being half-Italian, I'm probably a little bit biased when it comes to Italian furniture and designers.

So, when I was browsing fabulous interiors store TwentyTwentyOne for wardrobes, it's no surprise I became a bit distracted by the chairs.

That's when I found this gem.

More a work of art than something to sit on, Pole Position (strange name I feel - but hey ho, each to their own) is designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni (wish my name sounded as deliciously Italian) for L'abbate

So, what do I love about this chair? Well, obviously I love the buttoned back, given my slight obsession with buttoned-backs but I also love the shape, the style, its definite regal feel.

I also love the colours its available in, too many interiors products are drab and dreary but not this.

It's been a while since I added something to my wish list but this is a definite addition - in fact, the purple one better be under my Christmas tree this year otherwise they'll be tears before the turkey...

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