Monday, 24 November 2008

I love retro

I love retro furniture as much as I love chairs. One of the first things that sold the rented flat, I've called home for six years, to me was the beautiful teak sideboard in the dining room.

I know it's probably not G Plan (what happened to them by the way? Beautiful, elegant furniture in the 60s and now all they seem to make is overly floral sofas) but it's mine, well sort of.

So I was really pleased to find this design classic on a recent virtual trip to Retrouvius

This ladies and gents is a genuine 658 chair by Robin Day, which he designed for The Royal Festival Hall in 1951

Just look at the beautiful lines and simple yet carefully thought out design and I love the slightly distressed finish to these ones in particular.

They're POA (price on application) which I'm guessing means they're not exactly cheap but in a climate of doom and gloom, they'd definitely put a smile back on my face.

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