Thursday, 5 March 2009

All You Need Is Love

I know Valentine's Day is well and truly behind us but I just had to show off this chair from One Eco Home. 

The Senna Love Seat by Ami McKay is the perfect antidote to all the tales of doom and gloom that fill all our news outlets. 

After all, you might not have loads of spare cash at the moment, possibly you've lost your job but what does a bit of love cost? 

Ok, shocked myself a bit there with my over sentimental statements so let's look at the design nitty gritty of this chair. 

It's so deliciously vintage looking with ruched back and carefully turned slender legs but best of all, there's room for two - great if you're so in love you aren't even paying attention to the recession and even better if you can't afford two chairs...

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