Thursday, 19 March 2009

The Midas Touch

Oh sod the recession, I mean it. 2m people unemployed, companies collapsing all around us and a whole new generation of graduates facing a scary end to their degrees in a couple of months (jeez, it was hard enough to find work in 2000...) it's just way too depressing. 

So, in a bid to cheer myself up yesterday, I set about trying to find a ridiculously expensive and decadent chair. A sort of cathartic sticking two-fingers up to the economy. 

I DID find one of the most expensive chairs ever sold, it was Yves Saint Laurent's Dragons Chair by Eileen Grey which was sold for a whopping £19m but I have to say I don't really like it and even in my "bugger the recession" frame of mind, it is a ridiculous price tag. 

So, instead I've settled for this gold chair by Fredrik Mattson for Swedish design company Bla Station. 

Its covered in 24-carat gold leaf but I think it's anything but bling. In fact, I really rather love it and its sleekness while be  an unashamed show off. 

Right, that's me cheered up (well until I hear the news again), how about you? 

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