Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Urban Myth?

Someone once told me that if you stand at the Eros statue in London's Piccadilly Circus for 45 minutes, you'll see someone you know. 

I'm not sure if that's true (and I've never had the time to hover for long enough) but I quite like the idea of this urban myth and have often wondered if I did have time to spare who I'd meet. 

What I really like and have since I started working in interiors, is the Eros chair by Philippe Starck for Kartell

It's available in a wide range of jewel-like colours - although my particular favourite is this dramatic red - strange seeing though it would go with nothing in my flat and I also recently talked some friends out of having a bright red kitchen. 

I love the way it looks and feels and how simple it is and of course being designed by Monsieur Starck it's bound to be in my favourites list. 

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