Monday, 16 March 2009

Dear Jim, Will You Fix It For Me... be the designer of fabulous restaurants?

I know it's a bit far fetched but seeing though I never actually wrote in asking to be Kate Adie when I was 7 (always thought she might not want a small, inquisitive child following her round Gaza, Tiananmen Square et al) maybe I stand a chance of getting this "fix it"

The reason? On Friday I was whisked around London for a fabulous and planned-within-an-inch of its life Magical Mystery Birthday Tour. 

It included an amazing lunch at Skylon. Next to design, food is my other passion and knowing this my boyfriend had carefully selected a Conran & Partners designed restaurant. 

"This is the type of restaurant I would design" I gushed during my Bellini "look at the lights, the tables, ooh look at the chairs"

And just look at them. Sleek, show-stopping, beautiful and elegant. It's amazing how wrong people designing restaurants and bars get it sometimes. 

They should all take a leaf out of Skylon's book...

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