Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Bold And Beautiful

I've talked before about how I love the way fashion and interiors seem to intermingle and it seems this is happening even more now than ever before. 

Missioni are on the whole predominately known for their gorgeous clobber but they also do a mean line in interiors too. 

From rugs and cushions to china and towels, they've covered it all. 

But I didn't know about their furniture until I stumbled across American website Unica Home

Missoni Home's collection of seating ranges from exquisite loungers and comfy armchairs to this piece of design genius. 

I love everything about this chair. I love the shape. I love the colour of the wood. And I adore the bold print fabric. 

Ok, so now we've established I love it, I'm off to buy it (well, in my dreams anyway...) 

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