Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New Launch

I recently attended the PS Ikea launch which threw up some amazing finds. 

We all know Ikea is a trusted and much loved store (and you get to eat meatballs too!) but if you actually think about the design of their products, functionality is usually key. 

Sturdy bookcases, colourful, plastic moulded CD storage boxes and the student and first-time buyer staple, the Klippan sofa. 

So, it's always exciting to see they haven't lost their mojo when it comes to designing cutting edge and thought provoking pieces. 

Take this Slingra chair, at first glance, it wouldn't look out of place at Tent or 100% Design. It's elegant sweeping armrests, use of colour and texture and you have a statement piece on your hands. 

Much is written about mass produced furniture, usually with the design glitterati adding a condescending sneer but not everyone can afford designer furniture. 

That doesn't mean they don't know about style, that doesn't mean they don't want their homes to be just as beautiful. 

So for all its huge queues, sometimes unfathomable layout and screaming kids (my tip: never, ever visit Ikea on a Sunday) it seems Ikea has got it right. 

Affordable, stylish furniture that your average Joe can afford to bring into their homes. 

That definitely gets the thumbs up from me. 

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