Friday, 13 February 2009

Miss Potter?

Not entirely sure Terence Conran for Content by Conran had Beatrix Potter in mind when he designed and named this chair as I fancy she would have preferred something a little more floral. 

I, on the other hand, love this Beatrix chair and everything about it. 

I love the shape (comfy enough but still with a design edge), I love the colour (most unlike me - I usually wouldn't have anything other than cream or dark brown leather) and I love its little spiky legs. 

I have to admit, when I first started this blog back in October 08, I worried I would struggle to find new chairs I liked. In fact, a few people even asked me if "I'd run out of chairs?" 

The answer is no. In fact a resounding no, because as fast as I can write about them, there are designers dreaming new ones up and long may it continue. 

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