Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Vintage Vibe

It's no secret I adore vintage furniture. While I can appreciate modern designs and embrace new designers, it's vintage furniture that really gets me excited. 

There's something mystical about vintage finds. It's not just the fact they've survived the years (especially in a time when things are bought and thrown away without a second thought) but I love imaging who owned it, where it came from and what it was used for. 

Take this gorgeous desk chair from H is for Home for instance. Was it a writer who owned it or perhaps it sat at a lady's desk used for RSVPing to fabulous parties. 

I've been thinking a lot about desk chairs recently, which is odd seeing though I don't have a desk, but working from home for me at the moment means sitting on the sofa or leaning on the dining room table. 

Neither are ideal and I'm sure I'd be much more productive if I had one of these...

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