Sunday, 19 October 2008

Anyone for a snack?

I love pretzels, so it would seem yet again, I'm lucky to have one of my other favourite things combined with a chair.

This is The Pretzel chair, (you can see why, well I can at least) elegant and understated it came from the mind of American designer George Nelson, who along with two of my other chair heroes Charles and Ray Eames, was responsible for Modernist design Stateside.

To celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Nelson's birth, Aram and Vitra have joined forces to release a limited edition version of the chair of which there will be only 1000 made.

However it doesn't come cheap and will certainly set you back a few more quid than a packet of Penn State Sour cream and chive (it's in fact £1,480) but I think it's beautiful and when that elusive lottery win comes through, it will definitely be joining the Barcelona, the Eames and et al.

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