Sunday, 26 October 2008

Go Green

We're constantly being told we need to be more eco friendly. Whether it's carrying jute bags to making sure we don't keep appliances on stand by; most of us are trying to do our bit.

When it comes to home wares however, there's still grey area on what is eco and what isn't.

Some unscrupulous manufacturers have tried to get on the bandwagon by claiming their products are green, when in fact it's just the packaging that is 100% environmentally friendly and the product isn't.

Bit cheeky I think, which is why it was refreshing to find this little gem.

Reestore is a company which sticks to its ethical principles while still producing stylish, thought provoking designs.

They take everyday items and turn them into functional furniture, such as this sleek Gordon chair which started off life as a wheelbarrow.

Other items include a sofa made from an old roll top bath and a table from a washing machine drum.

I think they prove that being green doesn't mean compromising on style and that's how it should be.

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