Monday, 6 October 2008

Happy Birthday

I'm sure there are those who question my sanity with regard to my love affair with chairs. It's understandable; why would anyone be so fanatical about something that to most is a purely functional object designed to rest one's derriere on?

For the cynics out there, a chair is just somewhere to rest, a four legged item of furniture that folds, stacks, gets pushed under a table or is used, God forbid, as something to stand on when you can't reach a high cupboard.

Well, I tell you this. You definitely wouldn't be standing on this one if it was in my house. And for a start it doesn't have four legs.

The Shell chair or to give it its correct name the Shell chair CH_ 07 was first designed in 1963 by Hans J. Wegner for Carl Hensen & Son and to celebrate their 100th anniversary, they have reissued a limited edition version of which there are only 250 available.

I'm holding out for some kind reader to buy me one but if you have saved your pennies and like me have fallen in love at first sight, then head to Brighton's The Lollipop Shoppe to grab one before they go.

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