Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Swedish style

It's not just designer chairs that get my vote. I love beautiful chairs regardless of price and stature.

This Stockholm easy chair from Ikea is also top of my hit list and thankfully at £209, it's a little more affordable.

Again it has a nod towards mid century style, but what I really love about it is the shape. I can just imagine being curled up on it with a good book.

It's also available in beige and cerise but I think this sleek, slate grey is my favourite or then again maybe I'll just get one in every colour...

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Ruth said...

You blog is ace! Of the chairs on your front page, I liked this Swedish style one best - though also agree on the midcentry modern style...

But to contribute to the debate, I saw a great chair at Tent London. It was called Bibliochaise and it was both chair and bookcase - could only have been better if it had incorporated food as well! See here:

Love your pic too, btw - very glam!

Ruth xx