Friday, 9 January 2009

Another Orla

I feel a little bit cheeky blogging  about another Orla Kiely for Heal's chair, but the truth of the matter is I just love them so much, I want to tell you about all of them! 

This is the Lusk armchair which is available in three colours: this gorgeous, vibrant Pumpkin, a delicious Moss green and an elegant purplely-brown Henna. 

I love the colours this chair is available in (mostly because they'd really fit in with my flat) but what I simply adore is the shape. 

I've blogged before about loving retro furniture and I love the way Orla has emulated the style in a modern day collection. 

However there seems to be a bit of a problem; this is my 39th post (just one away from the big 40) and I want all these chairs, so it seems I have one of three options: 

1) Win the lottery to feed my addiction

2) Move to that Cornwall mansion to fit them all in

3) Keep blogging about all of the world's most beautiful, innovative chairs

Oh sod it, I can't choose - it'll have to be all three! 

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