Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Probably The Best Chair In The World...

So it's no secret that I adore retro chairs and even less of a secret that I'm a strong admirer of Danish design

This chair ticks both boxes, so when I found it whilst have a quick browse on MetroRetro, I was really pleased. 

I love this 1960s leather and rosewood chair for so many reasons.

1) It's leather and aged leather at that - don't get me wrong my obsession with leather furniture isn't some weird fetish thing. 

2) It's shape is so simple but just so exquisite.

3) It's got a tale to tell; the thing I really love about retro furniture is that you could spend ages thinking about who owned it and where it came from. 

MetroRetro is a treasure trove of retro delights, choose from chairs, sofas, lighting, desks and more. 

I also happen to think it's a good thing, MetroRetro is based in Essex as seeing though it's a county I don't frequent that often, both their stock and my bank balance is safe...

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