Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Baby it's cold outside

I can't quite believe how cold it is at the moment, being a southern softie (I fully admit I am) all this -5C or whatever it was the other night seems a bit wrong for south London.

I even expressed delight to my boyfriend that our neck of the woods had been mentioned on the news regarding the extreme weather (it takes very little to get you excited when you're on your own all day)

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that leaving my toasty flat yesterday was a massive shock to the system and when I got back I kinda looked at my beautiful leather sofa and armchair a little sadly.

Yeah sure they're sleek, stylish and comfortable, but well, in these chilly times, leather can be a little bit cold. Just like in the summer when it gets hot and sticks to the back of your legs, in the winter it feels like lying on a slice of ice.

So I started looking for cozy armchairs and found this little beauty from The Conran Shop (yes I know The Conran Shop is really expensive - but this IS virtual shopping)

This is the Eleonora armchair which is covered in mohair velvet (how cozy does that sound?) I love it and while I'm not about to chuck out my trusty furniture, I think this will be a welcome addition if anyone's feeling generous...

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