Saturday, 17 January 2009

Stick 'em Up!

I have to admit sometimes I get a little bit carried away with Chairs, Chairs, Chairs and start thinking about ways to make it a bit more abstract.

I've blogged before about chair products that aren't actually chairs, and while I said I wouldn't do it again I have.

It's all in a good cause you understand and anyway, I think it's good to have a bit of humour on a Saturday morning. 

So I would like to present for your delectation...

...chairs stickers! 

Ok, it's not as crazy as it sounds. Stickers are big in interiors at the moment. I'm not talking Disney ones that small children may stick to your wall when your backs turned. No, these stickers are far more elegant, intricate designs that are designed to brighten your home. 

So I was really pleased to find some chair stickers from Supernice

These ones are actually very practical. Bored of your chairs? Then you simply give it a makeover with one of the classic back stickers. 

And while I grant you, that these are a little bit more out there, they make a cool alternative to conventional wall art. I love the idea of putting a simple stool against the sticker to create an actual seat. 

So next time you can't decide on a chair or fit it in, put up a sticker instead...

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